Crisco Enema

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  • Oil enemas are typically a little tricky to administer, but the health benefits are worth it. Learn how to give yourself an oil enema without getting .

  • When a group of gangsters shove a wooden broomstick up a man ‘s anus as far as it will go using some Crisco if needed , then places their foot .

  • In that regard, Crisco is much better, although that won ‘t be a liquid at enema temperatures, but you could always pump it in with a large syringe .

  • If you use a douching bulb, hose, or enema, you will probably need to For generations, Crisco was the go to lube for guys into fisting, until .

  • From what I ‘ve read, with the impaction if an enema and everything else doesn ‘t work, they end up . They used a Crisco milk oil enema..

  • Crisco Shortening on the other hand became and remains a favorite of so a small plain water enema or a bit of a lavage after play will sort .

  • Latex free. Sodium free. No. 1 doctor recommended laxative brand. 1 bottle. Complete enema in a disposable squeeze bottle with soft, pre lubricated Comfortip..

  • So do not be afraid to go to the drugstore and use an enema or a Avoid Vaseline, Crisco, Baby Oil, or anything that is oily because it will .

  • Lubricate the enema tip and anus area with lubricating jelly, available in any drugstore, Crisco or other salve of your preference. Get in position on the toilet and .

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