Crocodile Climbs Waterfall

  • We don ‘t want to alarm you, but it looks like crocodiles can climb now. Have a look at this video of a croc in Roper River, NT. A group of people .

  • A group of boaters in Australia who spotted a crocodile nearby captured video of the reptile showing off its climbing skills by scaling a waterfall..

  • Footage of a saltwater crocodile trying to climb up a Northern Territory waterfall shocks viewers on social media, dispelling a myth for many that .

  • Saltwater crocodiles aren ‘t the most agile of crocs and gators, but I would argue against Elfi point that you could easily underestimate crocodiles ‘ ability to climb..

  • A crocodile Crocodylus mindorensis basks in a tree in Luzon, The Surprising research reveals four crocodiles species can climb high into .

  • A crocodile on the Roper River in Northern Territory has made a daring feat. The reptile attempted to climb up a waterfall from the river..

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