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  • Clementia of Hungary French Clemence 1293 was queen of France and the Peterborough Psalter and she probably sent the Reliquary Shrine of Elizabeth of Hungary, now at The Cloisters, to her sister in law in Buda..

  • Anastasia of Kiev c. 1023 1074 1096 was Queen of Hungary by marriage to King Andrew the White. She was the eldest daughter of Grand Prince Yaroslav I the Wise of Kiev and Ingigerd of Sweden, and the older sister of Anne of Kiev, Queen consort of Henry I of France..

  • Beatrice of Hungary 1290 was a Dauphine of Viennois by marriage to John II of VIII 1309 1333 , dauphin of Viennois. Married to Isabella of France, Dauphine of Viennois Humbert II 1312 1355 , dauphin of Viennois. Married to Marie of Baux, niece of Robert, King of Naples by his sister Beatrice..

  • This is a partial list of Hungarian loanwords in the English like big mop, always white. kuvasz A big Hungarian breed of shepherd dog, always white. The word made its way into English through French sabre, sable and German Sabel . of words with Hungarian derivations at Wiktionary, Wikipedia ‘s sister project .

  • Her pale face was dotted with freckles on her cheeks and across her nose. speak as many languages as Daddy six or seven Hungarian, German, French..

  • The end of the Cold War marked the beginning of the relationship between Fort Worth and Budapest, Hungary..

  • Could they have gone through Austria, Switzerland, France, as far as Calais? on the other an oval portrait photograph, black and white, a youth of nineteen or twenty. almost as clearly as she to me, even though brother and sister had to invent He spoke French, German, and English as well as Hungarianhow my .

  • We took a five day trip to the Hungarian capital to find out just what it ‘s like. The air was biting, but the sun was bright and, across the river, the white spires of .

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