Girl Desperate To Pee Stories

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  • Read On The Bus from the story Pee Desperation Stories by YvieNightingale Yvie Nightingale with 30460 reads. desperation, pee, wetting. Mya chewed her .

  • Read I was REALLY desperate from the story My Pee Desperation Story by I stood there peeing myself uncontrollably, just as one of the girls came out of the .

  • Girls Desperate To Pee Stories and Pictures girls ladies desperate to pee pants wetting her panties stories. Ariel is a slim petite girls who is always caught in a .

  • So, remember how I said that I have tons of stories? A bit of info tall dark skinned girl, with curly. So, to see her desperate is a godsend. been shit out of luck because I left to go pee around the middle of the first quarter, .

  • ‘desperation ‘ stories. Active tags On subway, a girl desperately tries to hold bladder fails. Dmeytri goes out on a delivery and is desperate to pee..

  • My sister loses her virginity covered in piss and cum. In detention and desperate ‘pee desperation ‘ stories. Active tags Good Girl Day 01. Unfaithful wife is .

  • True but funny desperate pee story in a full car! But we had JUST left the nightclub a few minutes earlier, so the other girls ‘ patience for my bladder was .

  • Griselda ‘s desperate to pee on the train with no toilet, she dare not un cross her ash blonde, great legs, about thirty, she was one of the more attractive girls in .

  • She dreamed of just being able to rush to the girl ‘s room and just let go. Right now, she didn ‘t care if she could just pee, even through her .

  • If you want to hear my most embarrassing pee desperation story its because i don ‘t want these other girls to see how desperately i need the .

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