Grandma Protects Granddaughter From Bear

  • Hawes said the bear was less than 10 feet away from the two and was walking toward them. She added that the bear is a regular guest in the neighborhood, but even so, grandma said only stuffed teddy bears are allowed near her granddaughter..

  • Astonishing video footage shows the moment a terrified woman scoops up her granddaughter from the garden as a huge brown bear eyed up .

  • A doorbell camera captured the moment a grandma frantically scooped up her granddaughter as a bear approached a California home..

  • A grandmother had to quickly grab her granddaughter after a brown bear was Grandmother grabs child and runs as bear enters garden .

  • A quick thinking grandmother scooped up her granddaughter when she saw the little brown bear..

  • I thought I was a crazy MAMA Bear, but Nana Bear is a whole ‘nother level!!! SayingsGrandmother GiftsGrandmothersGrandchildrenGrandma QuotesGrandma GiftsGifts For GrandmaKid Quotes well grandma does love and protect her grandbabies. I Wouldn ‘t Trade My Grandsons or Granddaughter for Any Other!.

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