House Of Bamboo

  • Robert Ryan in House of Bamboo 1955 House of Bamboo 1955 Robert Stack and Shirley Yamaguchi in House of Bamboo 1955 House of Bamboo 1955 ..

  • House of Bamboo is a 1955 American film noir shot in CinemaScope and DeLuxe Color. It was directed and co written by Samuel Fuller. The film is a loose .

  • House of Bamboo offers all Fuller ‘s key themes and motifs in a characteristic thriller form dual identities, divided loyalties, racial tensions, life .

  • Sam Fuller ‘s movies look like no other they don ‘t even look like each other. The career of the flinty, cigar chomping independent spanned forty years, from 1949 .

  • House of Bamboo Fox Film Noir Robert Ryan, Robert Stack, Cameron Mitchell, Brad Dexter, Shirley Yamaguchi, Sessue Hayakawa, Biff Elliot, .

  • A few years back I rented a pan and scan video copy of Samuel Fuller ‘s House of Bamboo and within minutes of its opening sequence a .

  • Original soundtrack from classic 20th Century Fox crime thriller set in post WWII Japan, directed by Samuel Fuller, starring Robert Ryan, Robert Stack..

  • Director Fuller has made greater films than House of Bamboo, but none more curious..

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