Raccoon And Cat Buddies

  • Unfortunately for these star crossed animal buddies, raccoons and cats can share diseases as easily as they share food. Raccoons can carry feline distemper .

  • Raccoons and cats aren ‘t always the best of friends, but this video of Banjo the raccoon and Buddy the cat is inspiring us to make peace with .

  • The most adorable case of unrequited animal love ever. Banjo the raccoon really wants a cuddly friend. Buddy the cat isn ‘t having it..

  • A feral cat has bonded with an unlikely friend, a raccoon. The two furry buddies are inseparable. A family has been feeding the feral animals in .

  • SILLY OLD RACCOON. Raccoon Really Wants To Cuddle Cat, Cat Well, Tolerates It This Cat Is An .

  • Luckily, this cute raccoon and cat have each other! to snuggle just like humans do, and this little girl and her pittie best friend are the definition of buddy goals..

  • Cats thoroughly unimpressed by pushy raccoon with no game Kitten number one is having none of it and bails, leaving her buddy stranded .

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