The Goboat

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    What is The GoBoat? It ‘s a portable boat that fits in your car, SUV or pickup sets up in minutes and goes anywhere The GoBoat Your Personal, Portable .

  • The GoBoat. 6.1K likes. The GoBoat is a personal, portable watercraft. The boat you can pick up and go with. Easy to carry in a car, SUV or pickup..

  • Forget the trailer and landings with the GoBoat, you have a personal fishing boat that can fit in your backseat or trunk. It has a round design with an inflatable .

  • GoBoat aims to solve these problems with a stable fishing boat that GoBoat is a cost effective, collapsible boat for space poor fishermen..

  • The GoBoat combines the inflatable hull with two platforms that serve as the boat floor and a center structure where you can mount a trolling .

  • Foldable kayaks exist, but you probably wouldn ‘t want to fish in one. The GoBoat Portable Boat is another story. With a weight of fifteen pounds, GoBoat doesn ‘t .

  • The GoBoat is a portable dinghy that can be assembled in minutes. It weighs only 26 kilograms and can easily be stored in a car. The plastic .

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